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Redefining Recruitment For Cloud Tech.


The Cloud Services Industry is currently estimated at over £90Billion, a figure that will rapidly grow by the end of 2020! In every progressive market, rapidly scalability and the war for talent is on – However a majority of our clients still in early stage funding have developed insane pieces of tech but not developed an attractive hiring, training & development strategy to hire & retain who they need to succeed in the long term.

A booming demand from our clients over the years has been for our advisory expertise and brand identity in local markets for cloud services at varying stages of growth/funding.


AUREA can advise on scalability models, attraction strategies & retention advisory. All while providing invaluable insights into your target regions regarding salaries, talent shortage & of course

We have worked with our clients to advise on talent led change & promotions – structuring the organisation around your current talent, workplace balance for employee satisfaction and of course debating on how work from home models affects/enhances the performance of sales teams ….. Sexy stuff!

Brands we have worked with in Talent Excellence & Advisory.


First I simply recommend Anika as she is the superwoman who helped me land an opportunity at an amazing company!
The job opportunities are many but to find a recruiter who can match your personality to your future role and desired company culture is not a simple task.
If Anika thinks you are the right fit, she is 120% right ?
Marketing Director – Nordics @ Questback

When it comes to Executive Search, the key attribute you look for in a Consultant, is the ability to understand you and your business culture. Finding a senior hire that has all the experience but doesn’t “fit” is no good at all. This is where Anika excels. It takes an entrepreneurial, driven, ambitious business leader, to fully get what her clients are looking for. She takes time to really get to know you and your business, not just in terms of numbers, but in terms of what makes it tick. When you hire Anika, you know are only going to get people that will share the vision the company, as well as have the skills to support to the strategy.
Managing Director @ Pythian

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