Our Vision.

Redefining Recruitment For Cloud Tech.


We are a Global talent advisory for Start-ups that are disruptive, innovative and bringing Sexy Tech to the real world! AUREA has partnered with revolutionary cloud services organisations some grossing over 1.2 Billion, Game Changing FinTech firms and Artificial Intelligence pioneering start-ups in multi-regions.

With over 18 years of successful experience in Executive search and Talent advisory within the Nordics, DACH and the US we pride ourselves on having a much needed FRESH approach to recruitment incorporating our vast global network & Partner Networks, AUREA bespoke software tools and of-course our Meet-ups at our London HQ to guarantee success for all our tailored solutions.


In a world where hiring exceptional talent in Tech sales and Leadership is one of the most competitively complex elements to scaling and enhancing a business - we take the time to understand and utilise your brand and culture to ensure maximum success using our unique marketing tools and, most importantly, our incredibly diverse network to make some serious noise about you to passive candidate markets!


Anika Bakrania

Founder & Director of Executive Search Nordics.

+44 (0)7508421605



Karina Teagann

Executive assistant & Queen of social media.

+44 (0)7508522926



Chloe Evans

Head of Security Europe & Industry influencer.

+44 (0)447508421639



Alastair Band

Director of Tech & Ice hockey legend.

+44 (0)7568548784


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